Its rotating trolley guarantees perfectly-distributed and homogeneous baking. ROTOVENT is the perfect marriage of high-level produttività and production flexibility. Extremely small and compact, this oven has also been designed for bread and pastry makers with limited production space. With an energy savings of 30% compared with other quality products on the market, this oven proudly takes its place in the TAGLIAVINI line of low energy consumption models - (REC = Reduced Energy Consumption).*


SMART control unit
SMART digital control unit with display for controlling: baking temperature, baking time with end of baking alarm, steam inlet time, lighting, steam evacuation valve opening/closure.
The I BAKE control panel incorporates the top level of technology in a touch screen. As well as the functions of the SMART control unit, it also includes energy management, weekly start-up programming and memory space for up to 100 baking programs.
Maximum steam output
The two cascade steam generators with a large surface area installed directly in the baking chamber guarantee abundant steam production to meet even the most demanding needs. The two stainless steel steam generator units can easily be removed to facilitate cleaning operations.
Perfect baking
The rotary oven Rotovent has been designed to guarantee the best baking results with the least use of space. Convection baking by means of three high-capacity fans distributed along the entire height of the baking chamber to provide perfect baking on all the trolley. The rotating trolley ensures a uniformly baked product.
Reduced consumption
Reduced energy consumption thanks to the REC (Reduced Energy Consumption) system which guarantees exceptionally low energy consumption in both the gas and electric versions.
Practical assembly
The models of the Rotovent series are designed to be easily installable and instantly ready for work. The RVT 46 model is delivered pre-assembled and tested, and ready to use on the spot.
Reduced dimensions
Extremely compact, flexible and highly productive. Never before had an oven this small achieved such great results.

A selection of available models

RVT 46

RVT 665

RVT 68

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