Automatic multi-shelf oven loader

Our range of “AUTOMATIC MULTI-SHELF OVEN LOADERS” includes a series of machines for loading and unloading products into/from shelf ovens. The main characteristic of these machines is having the same number of trays and shelves as the oven or ovens they are used with, consequently all the chambers are loaded/unloaded at the same time. These machines, while still being simple to use, offer high production capacities and are ideal for serving several parallel ovens which need to bake the same product.

Robot Loader

Our range of “ROBOT LOADERS” includes a series of machines, configurations and solutions conceived to automate the process of loading and unloading products into/from shelf ovens. These machines are configurable and can be adapted to the needs of each customer or each layout and so meet the most varied requirements. Our “ROBOT LOADER” machines come in two versions:

  • “EASY” is the simpler version which is suitable for small/medium-sized plants while still maintaining high technological standards;
  • “FULL” is a more complete, high-performance version ideal for large plants with a high level of automation where automatic operating cycles are required.

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