All chambers can be used at the same time at different temperatures.
It is suitable for baking bread and pastries of any kind and size.
Because of the high technology applied, TRONIK has a maximum power output of about 2,9 kW/m2, much less than that of other electric ovens on the market and, with continuous oven loading and unloading, it consumes just 1.8 kW/m2.
TRONIK can be placed among three walls, view that all maintenance operations are easily made from the front of the oven.
The set temperature is reached by means of a gradual heating schedule, which prevents the baking chamber from differing respect to the pre-set temperatures, reducing to the minimum the oscillations around the set value.


New generation control units
Perfect baking
The exclusively designed armoured resistance elements installed directly inside the baking chamber, both at the top and bottom, are positioned 5 cm apart creating a greater heating surface area to guarantee uniform baking. The heat is released uniformly throughout the baking chamber and bakes the product delicately without being over aggressive.
Maximum steam output
Depending on requirements, it is possible to choose between standard separate steam generators or a steamer. The steam generators, one for each chamber, are thermostatically controlled to produce an exuberant quantity of saturated steam. The patented steamer instantly produces large amounts of steam at minimum costs.
Reduced consumption
REC (Reduced Energy Consumption) System that contributes consumptions more than 30% lower than other similar products.
Bakery management system
The consumption optimizer can manage the energy requirements of the whole bakery with just the power installed in the oven. In this way the user can avoid using unnecessary kW thus reducing the cost of the product!
Different temperatures
Each chamber acts like a separate oven which holds all the electronic control, command and power equipments needed for individual operation.
Reduced dimensions
Reduced overall dimensions and the possibility of installing the oven between three walls as all maintenance operations can be carried out from the front.

A selection of available models

ET 123

ET 124

ET 184

ET 185

ET 244

ET 94

ET 95

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