High quality standards the result of on-going research into materials selection and technological development, together with our exclusive system of electronically-controlled electrical heating, guarantee top performance levels at low-level consumption rates.
Perfect heat distribution inside the baking chamber and excellent temperature maintenance each and every time.


SMART control unit
SMART digital control unit with display for controlling: baking temperature, baking time with end of baking alarm, steam inlet time, lighting, steam evacuation valve opening/closure.
The I BAKE control panel incorporates the top level of technology in a touch screen. As well as the functions of the SMART control unit, it also includes energy management, weekly start-up programming and memory space for up to 100 baking programs.
Perfect baking
Thanks to the larger coils designed specifically for this application, the oven can reach and maintain high temperatures which are ideal for oven-bottom baking pizzas. All this while still guaranteeing low energy consumption.
Reduced consumption
REC (Reduced Energy Consumption) System that contributes consumptions more than 30% lower than other similar products.

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