The combustion chamber is made completely of masonry - high-density refractory brick able to withstand temperatures of up to 1.400°C to optimise the accumulation of heat. The fume recirculation duct, located in the upper part of the oven, consists of prefabricated panels made of high-density refractory material.
This offers numerous advantages:

  • Large fuel saving.
  • Very reliable and stable baking.


SMART control unit
SMART digital control unit with display for controlling: baking temperature, baking time with end of baking alarm, steam inlet time, lighting, steam evacuation valve opening/closure.
Perfect baking
Thanks to the L-shaped Mannesmann pipes, distributed over both the ceiling and floor of each baking chamber, covering the whole surface of the oven, heat distribution is particularly precise and consistent, making it ideal for cooking large-sized products.
Maximum steam output
Depending on requirements, it is possible to choose between standard separate steam generators or a steamer. The steam generators, one for each chamber, are thermostatically controlled to produce an exuberant quantity of saturated steam. The patented steamer instantly produces large amounts of steam at minimum costs.
Robustness and reliability
Thanks to the care and attention which Tagliavini puts into finding the very best materials, our ovens reach an unparalleled level of robustness and reliability to meet the needs of even the most demanding customer.

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